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Pricing – How we Charge

We provide high quality, hand battered and breaded Alaskan pollock, prepared and cooked on site. You provide the side dishes and drinks. We keep our cost low so you can maximize the profits for your fundraising goal.


You are charged per pound of fish cooked at your event. A minimal fee is charged for ingredients and supplies, in addition to a trip fee based on your event location. Since you are only paying for what you use, the more fish you sell the cheaper it is per piece of fish. What makes our services unique is that you are NOT charged by the number of people served.


Call us for a detailed quote today!


Fundraising Tips and Considerations
We will bring the fish and equipment, as well as the necessary ingredients to prepare the fish. We will have one person to assist and help with the preparation and another to fry the fish. Normally we will arrive at least two (2) hours before your planned serving time.

Ticket prices are set by your organization. Approximately $10 a ticket is a good estimated ticket price when calculating your event expenses to determine your potential profit. The best way to promote your fundraiser is to pre-sell tickets before the event. It's free advertising and gives you an indication of how many you'll serve and will help you estimate your expenses.

Event Promotion – Get the Word Out
Along with pre-selling tickets, you'll also want to advertise in your community. We will post your fry on our Web site event calendar and promote from our Facebook page. Additional ways for you to advertise are Facebook, Twitter, fliers, yard signs, radio, and newspaper. Many newspapers and radio stations will advertise for free if they know it's for a fundraiser!

Venue Requirements
We cook with electricity so we need to make sure your facility has the proper power. We suggest that you have a qualified person check your electrical service and the available power supply to insure that 220 volt (single or 3 phase) electricity is available with transformer and entrance capacity to provide at least 200 amp service with a provision to connect our service cables and outlets to the electrical disconnect. It is very important to have an electrician or someone who is acquainted with your electrical service to be there to connect our cables before your fry.
We will need two (2) 8-foot tables to prepare the fish. In addition, please plan and provide shelter in the event of rain or excessive heat. Some area public health regulations require shelter as a regular item.

Volunteer Requirements
Your organization will need approximately 15-20 volunteers for your Jonah Fish Fry to be successful. They will be needed to fill roles as fish breaders, ticket takers, servers, bussers, food runners and kitchen help. Many organizations seek volunteers from service organizations such as Greek organizations on college campuses, Girl and Boy Scouts and other organizations that donate service time in the community. Of course, members of your own organization are your best option for volunteer recruitment.

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