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A Whale of an Idea – Jonah Fish Fry Fundraiser

A Jonah Fish Fry brings the community together for a common cause. In the name of that cause, you will reel in a few wild tales, a belly full of fish dinner, and a whale of a good time!

Neptune Foods Jonah Fish Fry is a seafood catering service that helps not for profit organizations with their fundraising goals via a Jonah Fish Fry fundraiser event. Our fish is hand battered and breaded in our top-secret recipe that sets Jonah fish an ocean apart from your out of the lake into the skillet variety. Fully licensed and insured, we bring over 86 years of experience to ensure you have a successful event.

Delicious Jonah Fish

We take great pride in serving high quality Alaskan Pollock that is hand battered and breaded in our delicious recipe that sets Jonah Fish an ocean apart from your out of the lake variety.

People seek out a fry with our Jonah Fish because it has a reputation for superior quality—fish with a following.


Partner to the Not-For-Profit Community

We keep our costs low and charge based on the pounds of fish sold at your fry so you can maximize the profits for your fundraising goal.

We Make Fundraising Events Easy

A Jonah Fish Fry is a turn-key event that takes the planning stress off your organization.

We know what works best and can provide guidance and training to your organization regarding how to have a successful fundraiser.

We offer dine-in, carry-out and drive-thru service which makes a Jonah Fish Fry a flexible event, a necessity during current times.



Fully licensed and insured, we have been in business for over 86 years and the majority of our clients return year after year because of the quality product and service we provide.

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